May 16, 2017

Poll: 40% support sanctions against Israel

Mint Press - A new survey conducted by polling firm Nielsen Scarborough has produced some interesting and perhaps unexpected results that are sure to cause worry among the U.S.’ powerful Israel lobby.

The results showed that 40 percent of respondents support imposing sanctions or taking more serious action against Israel’s government for its continued construction of illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land. Among Democrats who were polled, 56 percent supported sanctions against Tel Aviv.

The survey, commissioned by professors Shibley Telhami and Stella Rouse at the University of Maryland, asked over 2,000 participants about their views on major foreign affairs issues, including Israel’s occupation of Palestine. In addition to covering opinions on possible sanctions targeting Israel, some of the poll’s other results indicate that opposition to the U.S.’ historic support for Israel is growing.

For instance, the results showed that more than half of those polled feel that the U.S. should be entirely neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – a position espoused by President Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, but rejected upon his assumption of the presidency. In addition, 57 percent of respondents told pollsters that they currently see the U.S. leaning significantly more towards Israel.

The results also showed strong polarization between people identifying as Democrats or Independents and those identifying as Republicans, with Republicans more likely to back Israel and support the strengthening of U.S.-Israeli ties. But even Republicans who participated in the poll were wary of Israel entrenching its current apartheid practices in the long term.


Anonymous said...

Campaigners for Palestinian 'freedom', who often argue that sanctions brought down the apartheid regime of South Africa and they are what will bring down the apartheid regime of Israel, ignore the lesson of history. The election of the ANC to power was supposed to see the grinding poverty of the townships ended, but the ANC have turned out to be powerless to run capitalism in a way that would end exploitation and poverty. Capitalism means the continuation of war and want. Workers have no country.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, 7:11, it certainly doesn't hurt or impede the worker's, as well as the Palestinian's, cause denying those Rothschild pockets what shekels we can---hit 'em in the only area they care anything about